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Roof and Driveway Restoration package Newcastle

Natalie Crowe Designs - Thursday, March 31, 2016

We have just released a new Roof & Driveway Restoration Package.

Newcastle's Roof Restoration company; Coast and Country Roof Coatings is offering an exciting new roof package deal for customers wanting to give their roof and driveway a fresh new look and feel without costing a fortune.

Take a look at this 15 year old house in [suburb], whilst the house is in great shape the Roof and Driveway appear to needed a little maintenance.

Now take a look at it now!
With a little TLC from Coast and Country Roof Coatings Newcastle,  this beautiful property is restored, making it the standout of the street.



So what does this amazing roofing and drive package include?  

As a part of this great roofing and driveway restoration package, you'll have your roof resprayed and the gutters, facia and trims painted with the very best quality paint.  Then extending our  roofing services,  we also give your driveway a special treatment, with a brand new coat of paint match your amazing roof.

The restoration process for your roof and driveway:
  1. We professionally clean your roof, trims and driveway using a high pressure cleaner
  2. We carry out repairs as necessary to roof, trims and driveway .
  3. We apply the sealer undercoat to roof tiles
  4. We apply 2 coats of paint to gutters and trim
  5. We apply two coats polyurethane driveway coating
  6. We apply two topcoat roof coatings

So what are you waiting for?

From this (left) to this (right)


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