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Roof Restoration Newcastle - Dulux Accredited Roof Restorer

Natalie Crowe Designs - Friday, October 13, 2017

Dulux Accredited Roof Restorer; Bryce from Coast and Country has been out and about  restoring roofs within Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie.

Most recently completing a full restoration of a local property.

Roof Restoration Newcastle - Dulux Accredited Roof Painters

Full restorations vary dependent on your type of roof, for example :

Cement Tile Roof Restoration:

  • Cement Tiles Roof Restoration generally includes cleaning of your roof tiles,  replacing any broken tiles,  then roof restorer will repoint the ridge capping, followed by applying a sealer and then two coats of top coat.

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration:

  • Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration; on the other hand don't require the sealer step. The terracotta tiles are cleaned and any broken roof tiles are replaced, the roof restorer will repoint the ridge capping and then apply two glaze coats.

Iron / Colorbond Roof Restoration:

Iron/ Colorbond Roof Restoration is a little different in the factor that the roof restore uses a slightly different process due to the nature of the roofing materials.     The roof is pressured cleaned, lose iron and roof screws are tightened and secured.   A coat of roof primer is applied followed  two top coats.

Below you'll find the After Photo for this roof restoration.  It's restored using the colour Jasper  and not only looks great but will continue to protect this home for years to come!

If you'd be interested in getting a FREE quote to get your roof restored why not give Bryce a call today!  0487509027  or enquire via our contact form.

Dulux Accredited Painter | Roof Restoration Hunter Valley

Natalie Crowe Designs - Friday, September 29, 2017

Are you looking for a Dulux Accredited Roof Painter & Roof Restoration Specialist?

Bryce from Coast and Country Roof Coatings  is your local Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane Accredited Applicator specialising in restoring tired old roofs to a modern and professional finish.   With happy customers  through out the Hunter Region, Bryce will be restoring roofs in  Newcastle, the Hunter Valley/ Hunter Region and Port Stephens. Give Bryce a call today on 0487509027 or visit our request a free quote.


Dulux Accredited Painters are certified by Dulux- the company in which the roof paint and roofing restoration products are purchased from.  Dulux as a brand is known for it's excellence and highly recommended as a roof restoration product.

To become an accredited roof restoration applicator you must meet certain criteria set by Dulux, including having professional painting licenses and appropriate public liability insurance etc.  Bryce has all of these and decades of experience restoring roofs in and through Hunter Valley and Port Stephens.

with a wealth of knowledge in his craft, Bryce from Coast and Country Roof Coatings is the one to call when your roof needs a little TLC from a professional local roof restorer.

Don't hesitate contact Bryce today - 0487509027

Roof Restoration Ballina to Tweeds Head

Natalie Crowe Designs - Thursday, June 08, 2017

Coast and Country Roof Coatings are excited to announce they will now be servicing Ballina through to Tweeds Head for all the North Coast Roof Restoration needs.

This includes:
    • ♦ Kingscliff,
    • ♦ Tumbulgum,
    • ♦ Murwillumbah,
    • ♦ Pottsville Beach,
    • ♦ Brunswick Heads,
    • ♦ Byron Bay,
    • ♦ Mullumbimby,
    • ♦ Lennox Head,
    • ♦ Hasting Point,
    • ♦ and surrounding suburbs.


Fully Insured and Roof Restoration Fully Guarenteed

Natalie Crowe Designs - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One of the more daunting tasks of deciding which business to entrust the cleaning, repair or entire roof restoration of your home, is simply sifting through the sheer volume of roof restoration businesses within Port Stephens, Newcastle & the Hunter Valley.

This process of researching potential businesses, getting quotes and making a decision regarding which options are going to be the best suited for you and your family can often be time consuming.

So here are our tips and tricks for making the best choice.

#1 Ask questions - Find out as much as you can!

        * Is the company/ business insured?
        * Is there a guarentee on the work being completed?
        * Does the company/business quoting for your restoration have sufficient experience in the field?
        * Does the company/business have written testimonials?
        * Does the company/business have samples of their completed work?

We took the time to check in with Bryce from Coast and Country Roof Coatings to see what he had to say!

Does Coast and Country Roof Coatings have insurance?

YES!  Coast and Country Roof Coatings is fully insured.

Do you offer a guarentee of the roof restoration work you complete for your clients?

As a result of using quality roof restoration products and quality workmanship, All work is guarenteed  and comes with a full 10 years warranty.

Do you have experience working in this area, Bryce?

 With hundreds of happy clients through-out Port Stephens, Newcaslte and the Hunter Valley. 
I've now been restoring roofs for more than 25 years.

Can you share any insights from your customers? Testimonials about what others have said?

We have a number of testimonials on the homepage of our website but you can always go over to REVIEWS section of the website and read about what others have to say.

Do you have example photos of some of the work you've completed?

You can browse some of our latest work  via our Gallery Page.  I update the Gallery when I'm not on the roof cleaning, repairing or restoring.  You can visit the Gallery page here to SEE some of the professional work I have completed over the years.

Why not contact BRYCE today to request a FREE roof restoration quote. 


Restoring Roofs with Solar Panels Made Easy

Natalie Crowe Designs - Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Having your roof restored is a major job and should be done properly to a high  standard .


At Coast & Country Roof Coatings; I,  myself carry out all the work to insure everything is done properly.


It's the little things that make a difference covering all solar panels before we spray so there's no overspray on the panels when finished.


Having a professional restoration job done on your roof not only makes your house look good again but protects your roof against all types of weather conditions .


An average restoration requires a clean seal repair work and repainted as a result  we conduct a full inspection and quote on the work that you're a roof needs .







Contact Us today to request a FREE INSPECTION & QUOTE 

Port Stephens Roof Restoration

Natalie Crowe Designs - Friday, February 03, 2017

Port Stephens Roof Restoration - Roof Restoration Port Stephens

Your local Port Stephens Roof Restorer:

Port Stephens is a known as an amazing holiday destination; with an amazing coastline, the beaches, the wildlife, and local entertainment and attractions, great weather and great places to explore, wonderful growing tourism industry and a thriving business community.

However, what makes the Port Stephens community such a great place to live, visit and enjoy are the contributions this thriving business community operated by local people make.

Port Stephens Roof Restoration Company

One of those local businesses; "Coast and Country Roof Coatings" is a Port Stephens Roof Restoration company that's been apart of this thriving business community for more than a decade.

Providing Roof Restoration to both residential and commercial clients. Bryce has been busily working up and down the coast helping owners improve their properties, ensure their home and belongings are protected from the elements, not only as a practical necessity but as a means further beautifying  one of their; often, most expensive purchases and a lifetime assets.

With years of experience, community credibility and familiarity with his local area. Why not enquire online or give Bryce a call today for a free inspection and quote on the costs to restore your cement tile, terracotta tile or colorbond roof today.   0487509027

Winter Roofing Restoration Special

Natalie Crowe Designs - Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SPECIAL : Winter Roofing Restoration BONUS!

Winter Roofing Restoration Specialist

Coast and Country Roof Coating are for a limited time offering a WINTER Roof Restoration Special!   Get 3 quality paint coats for the price of 2! This offer is only available until 31st of August.  Contact us now via phone 0487 509 027

Roof and Driveway Restoration package Newcastle

Natalie Crowe Designs - Thursday, March 31, 2016

We have just released a new Roof & Driveway Restoration Package.

Newcastle's Roof Restoration company; Coast and Country Roof Coatings is offering an exciting new roof package deal for customers wanting to give their roof and driveway a fresh new look and feel without costing a fortune.

Take a look at this 15 year old house in [suburb], whilst the house is in great shape the Roof and Driveway appear to needed a little maintenance.

Now take a look at it now!
With a little TLC from Coast and Country Roof Coatings Newcastle,  this beautiful property is restored, making it the standout of the street.



So what does this amazing roofing and drive package include?  

As a part of this great roofing and driveway restoration package, you'll have your roof resprayed and the gutters, facia and trims painted with the very best quality paint.  Then extending our  roofing services,  we also give your driveway a special treatment, with a brand new coat of paint match your amazing roof.

The restoration process for your roof and driveway:
  1. We professionally clean your roof, trims and driveway using a high pressure cleaner
  2. We carry out repairs as necessary to roof, trims and driveway .
  3. We apply the sealer undercoat to roof tiles
  4. We apply 2 coats of paint to gutters and trim
  5. We apply two coats polyurethane driveway coating
  6. We apply two topcoat roof coatings

So what are you waiting for?

From this (left) to this (right)


Visit our CONTACT US page to enquire now, or call BRYCE on 0487 509 027

Importance of Roof Restoration and Roof Maintenance

Bryce Stewart - Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why is Roof Restoration and Proper Roof Maintenance important?

Roof restoration and roof maintenance are important tasks to ensure that your home is at it's best. Whether this is your first home or a investment property, the roof protects a large segment of the home from the weather and other elements. 

Taking proper steps to ensure your roof last the distance is essential to getting the most out of your investment. 

Restoring your roof and keeping your roof maintained including roof cleaning, resealing, repointing and applying a protective coating not, only makes your roof look great, it also strengthens & protects the surface preventing further deterioration .

To arrange your roof restoration please visit our contact us page or call  0487 509 027

Iron Roof Restored Cessnock

Bryce Stewart - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It is possible, to give your tired old rusty iron roof a face-lift and that's exactly what Coast and Country Roof Coatings Did last week!  Heading out to the Hunter Valley to have this iron roof restored in Cessnock.

Whilst you may have a few ideas of better ways to describe this roof, we can unanimously agree that this tired rusty iron roof is definitely in need a roof restoration!

Not only does the roof show clear signs of exposure to the elements, rain hail and shine over the years it's sheltered the property, but the remenance of wear and tear, loose iron and rust through out scream roof replacement right??

Well no, not necessarily.. we recommend you have the roof inspected by an Accredited Roof Restorer to ensure that the roof is still structurally sound and isn't leaking or failing  to protect the interior of the property, from there, you can look at your roof restoration options opposed to replacing the roof entirely.

Once you've decided to have your Iron Roof Restored,  Bryce; from  Coast and Country Roof Coatings explains the process in 4 steps:

Your Accredited Roof Restorer will :
  1. Pressure Clean your roof
  2. Prime the roof with Rust Inhibiting metal primer.
  3. Tightens any loose iron.
  4. Apply TSR Industrial Aluminium roof coating

Once these 4 steps of your roof restoration are complete, your tired old rusty iron roof is brought back to life and is something you can be proud of.


Having your roof restored has many  benefits whilst restoring your roof  adds a little more time to the life of your roof and can be done at the fraction of the cost for a new roof, it looks fantastic and can improve the value of the home.

Roof Restoration Brands -Infracool Technology, Robertsons's Tilemasters - 100% Acrylic Roof Coating, Dulx Acratex
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